Since 1971, ALIEN - RYDESA represents world-class chemical firms in Mexico, specializing in products for the, Decorative Automotive and Industrial Coatings, Printing inks, Adhesives, Latex Emulsion, Plastics, Metal Working Fluids, Cosmetics, Construction, Rubber Industries by supplying them epoxy resins, hardeners, accelerators, pearlescent pigments, biodegradable biocides, zinc dust and zinc oxide, acrylic resins polyurethanes for coatings, additives, anti foam, rheology modifiers

We have a legacy of four decades and our success is based on always making sure the customer is totally satisfied. We accomplish this by continuously training our staff on the products we offer and understand how our clients can best use our quality-products.

Thus, Alien is your best partner to increase your productivity and efficiency.


To provide high-quality products and advise our customers on how best utilize our products, always keeping in mind the satisfaction of our customers, by constantly training our staff and improving our internal processes and controls.


To establish long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, always seeking win-win relationships. Identify and satisfy market needs while ensuring the growth of our personal and ultimately our business.